ACMP Online Help for ACMP 6.5

In the Online Help you will find a variety of elements (infoboxes, figures, tables, ...), which give you important notes and recommendations when working with the ACMP Console. You can also use our search function if you want to find specific content. Alternatively, you can use the navigation on the left to find your way around the structure.


The following change log provides an overview of all changes to the content of the Online Help that have been made within version ACMP 6.5.

VersionChanged chapterChange summary
6.5Installing the ACMP AppIntegration of the ACMP App installation in the manual, explanation of possible sources of error
6.5ACMP Intune ConnectorCreate a new chapter
6.5Asset ManagementRevision of the chapter
6.5Agent TasksRevision of the chapter
6.5BitLocker: PIN not created (pre-boot keyboard not found)Use Case for BitLocker Management
6.5Check for running processesUse Case for Client Commands
6.5Uninstalling an MSI fileUse Case for Client Commands
6.5Exemplary provision and execution of a file via the file repository (MSI file)Use Case for Client Commands
6.5Duplicate scheduled reportsExtension of the functionality of Scheduled reports
6.5Scheduled System ScanExtension of the Defender configuration profiles setting
6.5Job CollectionsExtension of the functionalities within the Job Collections
6.5Network Boot ServiceExtension of the list of possible error messages
6.5Online status of a ClientExtension of the system settings to include the display of Clients via the online status
6.5ParametersNew functionality for creating parameter values for Client Commands
6.5Push Windows UpdateExplanation of the advanced Windows Update search (online and offline)
6.5Reset Script FlagExecutions of the Command function in more detail
6.5Rollout TemplatesExtension of the number profiles in the Rollout Templates
6.5Quick filter search for Clients in ContainersExtension of containers with the quick filter search
6.5SFTP and WebDav for deployed file repositoriesExtension of the file repos to include the SFTP and WebDAV connection types
6.5Dealing with retired clientsUse Case for Agent Distribution
6.5Full Microsoft Defender system scan consumes too much CPUUse Case for Defender Management
6.5Enable Windows Defender with Powershell in a Client CommandUse Case for Client Commands
VersionChanged chapterChange summary
6.4.1Import and export reg filesUse Case for Client Commands
6.4.1Remove registry keys and valuesUse Case for Client Commands
6.4.1Creating a shortcut on the desktopUse Case for Client Commands
6.4BitLocker ManagementCreation of a new chapter, new use case added
6.4End-to-end encryption (S/MIME) for emailsAddition of a new setting for the email traffic of the ACMP Server
6.4Create advanced QueriesRevision of the chapter
6.4Scheduled System ScanAddition of a new configuration profile setting in Defender Management
6.4Job CollectionsRevision of the entire chapter, new use case added
6.4Quick guide to the ACMP appCreate a new chapter
6.4Operating multiple Gateway instances on one systemCreation of a new use case for the ACMP Gateway
6.4Set up OAuth2 for the emails service of the ACMP ServerCreate a new chapter
6.4ServermonitorCreate a new chapter

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