In the following you will find some settings that you should consider for a smooth installation and error-free start of ACMP. In addition, the system requirements will help you to set up a suitable environment for the ACMP components. Please pay attention to the following configurations:


During operation, ACMP uses different ports to communicate with the different networks.

Client -> Server2106The Client logs on to and connects to the Server via this port.
Server -> Client2108This port is used to push jobs from the Server to the Clients.
Client -> IIS (Server)80/443This port is used for communication between the Client and the Server when using the Helpdesk and Web Interface.

Hinweis  Note:  

 For the ACMP consoles to communicate, you can then enable an alternative server port.

Required URLs

ACMP uses external resources in its daily work. These may affect the whole ACMP or only certain solutions. Add the following URLs to your environment (firewall, browser, etc.) as trusted:

Alle bei Aagon gehosteten Serviceshttps://*

This URL is required for

  • For the ACMP updates.
  • To download Vulnerability Management
  • For licensing the ACMP DNA solution
ACMP allgemeinhttps://update.aagon.comThis URL is used when licensing ACMP CAWUM to download metadata and updates.
ACMP CAWUM URL is used when licensing ACMP CAWUM to download additional updates from Microsoft.

You can use this URL to access a list of Microsoft hosts from which the updates are downloaded. can use this URL to download additional updates for Microsoft 365 applications. URL is used when ACMP DNA is licensed to download updates for the DNA catalogue.
ACMP DNAhttps://services.pcwsys.comThis URL is called when ACMP DANN is updated. URL is used when licensing ACMP DNA2 to download updates for the DNA2 catalogue.
ACMP DNA2https://dna2.aagon.comThis URL is used when licensing ACMP Managed Software to download the deployed Managed Software packages.
ACMP Managed Softwarehttps://msw.aagon.comThis URL gives you access to your area in the Package Factory. In the Package Factory you can order the creation of software packages that are not included in the ACMP Managed Software.

This URL is needed for the following areas

  • For the ACMP updates.
  • To download Vulnerability Management
  • For licensing the ACMP DNA solution

Hinweis  Note:  

If you are using Microsoft Office 365, the ACMP Server must also be able to access the following URLs. Microsoft Office reserves the right to change the update links at any time.

Virus scanner incompatibilities

In rare cases, there may be incompatibilities with the virus scanner. If this happens, you can remove the following directories. Please note the location of the partition and adjust it if necessary if you have stored your services elsewhere.

ACMP ServerC:\Program Files (x86)\Aagon\ACMP ServerAffects the ACMP Server installation directory
 C:\ProgramData\AagonAffects the ACMP Server Temp Dir directory
 C:\Windows\Temp\AagonTemporary directory for ACMP
ACMP ConsoleC:\Program Files (x86)\Aagon\ACMP ConsoleConsole ACMP directory
 %localappdata%\AagonVariable may not work in AV software
 %localappdata%\Temp\ACMP_TMPThe variable may not work in the AV software
ACMP AgentC:\Program Files (x86)\ACMPClientACMP client directory
 C:\ACMPClientACMP client directory (deprecated)
 C:\ProgramData\AagonConfiguration directory for ACMP


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