The installation of ACMP consists of several steps:

Step 1: Installation of SQL Server

  • Install the SQL Server directly during the setup of ACMP or
  • You have already installed the SQL Server you want to use.

Step 2: Installing the Native Client

  • If a Native Client is not already installed, it will be installed. The Native Client is required to communicate with the SQL Server.

Step 3: Installing ACMP

  1. The ACMP server is installed.
  2. The Network Boot Service will be installed (optional).
  3. The ACMP console is installed.

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Installing the ACMP Server: The chapter Starting the installation of the server contains all the necessary information to successfully install the server. The instructions are step-by-step. If you still have problems setting up the server, you can contact support.

ACMP Consolen Icon.png

Install the ACMP console: After you have successfully installed the ACMP server, you can set up an ACMP console. Note that a console is already installed on the server during the installation of ACMP and that this step is useful, for example, if you want to integrate other machines in the network. For more information, see the Installing the ACMP console chapter.

Hinweis  Note:  

Note: Check the current system requirements and some settings with the help of the checklist in order to start using ACMP without errors.



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