To import products and licenses into ACMP, you need a CSV file that lists the data relevant to you. Note that it is mandatory to enter the name of the product or the license.

Hinweis  Note:  

Please note that when importing licences, there are additional notes on the calculation method in addition to the licence name that must be taken into account when creating the CSV file.

To begin importing your CSV file, first go to License Management in the ACMP Console navigation and select Products if you want to import products or Licenses if you want to import licenses.

To import a CSV file, select the Import command from the ribbon bar. A dialogue window opens in which you can select the CSV file and specify the symbols delimiters and the encoding. Then click Next.

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Import CSV data

If your CSV file contains column headings, assign them to the ACMP fields on the following dialogue page. To do this, you can load a mapping that has already been created or do the mapping manually. When you have assigned all the necessary columns, click Next.

The last page of the dialogs shows you a value progress bar and lists the results of the import. You can save the log file of the import.

Hinweis  Note:  

Contacts, locations, companies, departments and cost centres that are specified when importing assets but do not exist in ACMP are automatically created with the available values.

If you need more data than can be specified in the mapping, import the entity first.

Mapping for licenses and products

With the mapping or assignments for the imports, you can assign columns of the *.csv file to ACMP fields.

After you have selected the desired file and specified the symbols delimiters, click Next.

The CSV file will now be imported and displayed in the wizard.


Mapping during product import

The top row shows the column headings from the CSV file. Below this, for each column, select the field in ACMP to which you want to map the column.

When you have completed all the mappings, click Next. A status bar will appear to inform you of the progress of the import.

When the import is complete, you will see a summary. You can save this import log as a txt file. To do this, select the appropriate button below the summary. Click Done in this window.

Hinweis  Note:  

Please note that the product name (when importing products) or the licence name (when importing licences) must be entered, as these fields are mandatory fields without which an import cannot be executed.

Calculation method

It is possible that you import the calculation method as well as the licence metric with the CSV file. To do this, you must specify the values and not the texts of the respective attributes in the CSV file.

The following tables show you which values are assigned to the texts:

 Licence metric Calculation method 
Installation based - Per physical deviceInstallation based0Per physical device1
Installation based - Per operating systemInstallation based0Per reference3
Installation based- Per installationInstallation based0Per installation0
User CAL - Per consumerUser CAL1Per reference3
User CAL - Per used instanceUser CAL1Per Installation0
Device CAL - Per consumerDevice CAL2Per reference3
Device CAL - Per used instanceDevice CAL2Per Installation0


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