A recalculation of the compliance is needed to calculate the status of the products. The calculation checks whether the number of existing licenses matches the actual usage.

You can see whether this is the case by looking at the status of the license in the workspace:

63_LicMan_Vollständig lizenziert_311.pngFully licensed Sufficient licenses are assigned to the product to cover usage.
index_002.pngNot enough licenses assignedThere are insufficient or no licenses assigned to the product.
index_004.pngCan use right to new versionAn Upgrade to a new software version has been found in the DNA catalogue. The license can then be moved and upgraded.
index_005.pngClearThere are no licenses or consumers assigned to this product.
index_006.pngA calculation error has occurredAn error has occurred during calculation, which means that the usage cannot be calculated.
index.pngLicensed for concurrent useThe licenses are limited by the software itself.
 License does not have enough base licensesThere are more Upgrade/Update licenses than base licenses available.

Perform a Compliance Recalc

Hinweis  Note:  

Please note that a full and correct licence recalculation can only be performed when both the products and the licenses have been neatly linked and all necessary info has been entered!

You run the compliance recalculation by selecting Recalculate in the ribbon bar. The recalc compares the usage and availability of licenses including coefficients and generates a balance sheet. Note that for DNA2, the entire DNA2 Recalculation is already included in Recalculate.

Use Full Recalc to do a complete ACMP DNA Recalculation. The Full Recalc function only applies to DNA and not to DNA2.

Customize the licence consumption

To assign licenses directly to a consumer, click Customize in the ribbon bar. A new window opens, divided into the tabs Assignments and Priorities.

Hinweis  Note:  

Note that to display changes, a Recalc must be performed!

Hinweis  Note:  

Note that consumers with manual license assignments are always prioritised higher than consumers with automatic assignments!


This tab displays all consumers, both automatic and manual, for the selected product. Here you have the option of manually assigning a specific license to a specific consumer. An exact assignment would normally not appear in the license calculation, since the licenses are assigned to the consumers randomly.

You can manually assign a license to each consumer or enter a new license. To do this, click on the arrow in the Manual Assignment column.

If the consumer is to be ignored in the usage calculation, enable the corresponding checkbox. You can now enter the reason for ignoring in the Reason column. Manual assignment of a license is now no longer possible for this consumer and the consumer no longer generates any usage in compliance for the product.


Only consumers who have been manually assigned a license in the Assignments tab appear in the tab. These manual assignments can be prioritised. This means that in the event of under-licensing, the consumers that have been prioritised higher will receive a license, so that a consumer with a lower priority may not receive a license.

To set the structure, use the arrows on the right side of the window.

When you have made the assignments and set the priorities, close the window with Done.



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