The Job Dashboard helps you to keep track of your jobs.

Within the ACMP Console, you have a dashboard with various widgets that display the most important functions on one page. For example, you can see an overview of all jobs for the current day, as well as the type of job (e.g. pushed or started by a container). The current status can also be displayed in diagram form.

The various charts allow you to see at a glance whether the jobs were successful and how many executions were completed per client.

The Job Dashboard tab also allows you to access the Job or Client Monitor or to customise the layout.


Job Dashboard
Available widgets in the DashboardPresentation
GeneralDisplays the general job information in a text view.
Executions and affected ClientsDisplays the job executions and affected Clients in a bar chart.
Results of finished Jobs from the last seven daysDisplays the results of finished jobs in the last seven days in a donut chart.
Failed Jobs from the last seven daysLists the failed job executions of the last 7 days in a table.
Today's JobsSummarises today's Jobs in a text view.
Status of all executions from the last seven daysAll statuses of all job executions of the last 7 days are presented in a donut chart.


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